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Wool baby clothes and children's clothes: fun and warm

Wool children's clothing is a great choice for parents who want to provide their children with warm and comfortable clothing. Especially with children, wool clothing is a recommended because children use more energy than adults to keep their bodies warm. So wool can help them a lot in this regard. Wool has natural insulating properties, so it regulates body temperature and retains retain heat even when wet. In addition, wool is breathable and moisture absorbent. This allows them to move and play freely, while staying nice and stay warm.

Why buy wool children's clothing?

Wool children's clothing is practical and comfortable. The use of wool keeps you comfortably warm during cold days while allowing you to move easily and freely in it. Wool is a natural natural product and has been used for centuries to make clothes and other accessories. from it. And that is not surprising because clothing made of wool has many advantages;

The benefits of wool at a glance:

  • Insulating. The frizzy structure is created by the many bends in the wool hairs. These hold air, creating an insulating effect. That means temperature regulation on cold and warm days.
  • Moist absorbent. Wool absorbs moisture and drains it gradually so that a clammy feeling is avoided.
  • Smooth. The frizzy structure is elastic and resilient allowing wool children's clothing to always return to its original shape.
  • Water and dirt repellent. The lanolin in the wool keeps water and dirt from soaking into the fibers.
  • Antibacterial. Odors and bacteria from sweat are not absorbed by wool. This makes frequent washing unnecessary.
  • Durable. Wool is particularly strong and lasts last for several generations. Therefore, pass on your favorite garment!
  • Wool children's clothing protects against UV - radiation

Children love to play outside and it has even been proven that it is very good for children's development. Being outside in the fresh air is healthy for children. However, children who enjoy being outdoors should be protected from too much sun exposure. Because the sun's radiation contains UV rays, too much UV radiation from the sun is harmful to our skin. Besides a good sunscreen, wool children's clothing can also help your child well. Researchers at a university in Germany examined 236 garments for their protection against UV radiation. This showed that wool and polyester protect best. So buying children's wool clothing is a good idea!

Wool children's clothing maintenance

Wool has among other things, a self-cleaning ability, but what about it?

The wool hairs of a sheep, like human hair, contain scales. This can only be seen under the microscope. In wool hairs, the scales are arranged in a roof pattern. In combination with the lanolin, this creates a natural dirt- and moisture-repellent system.

Wool does not need to be washed often. For children's wool clothing, it works very well to hang it hang it outside for freshening. Stains on wool clothing is best removed immediately with a cloth soaked in water. If the stain is already there, you can gently massage a stain with ox gall soap. Let the soap soak in for a few minutes and then gently wash it out with a cloth and some water.

Wash it anyway? Even though wool has these good properties, we can imagine that you might still want to wash the garment one day anyway. It is always very important to first read the washing instructions in the label of the label of the garment. Washing wool is best done with a wool detergent that contains lanolin so that the special properties of wool are not lost. Do not use use a fabric softener for wool clothes. If necessary, use a dash of natural vinegar instead of fabric softener. The vinegar gives a nice sheen and keeps the colors beautiful