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What is lanolin

Lanolin is a natural product that comes from sheep's wool. Every summer, sheep are sheared. The shorn wool is then gently cleaned and then the lanolin remains. After an intensive cleaning procedure, we process the lanolin into high-quality creams and other
care products. The intensively nourishing lanolin is the ideal remedy for
the (problem) skin. Lanolin nourishes, cares for and makes the skin soft and supple. The composition of lanolin is very similar to our own skin fat.
Lanolin is also called wool grease. However, this is not the same. Lanolin is not pure sheep's wool grease, but consists of wool grease and water.

Lanolin skin care

Texelana has an extensive range of skin care with lanolin. From hand cream with lanolin to shampoo with lanolin. Lanolin supports natural skin repair and can be used for dry or irritated skin. Take our Marigoldcream with lanolin and sea buckthorn extract,a real treat for your body.

Lanolin and sea buckthorn a golden combination

The Sea buckthorn extract in our products comes from sea buckthorn berries. Sea buckthorn has beneficial properties. It improves the hydration of dry skin and
calms troubled skin. In addition, the ingredient stimulates and accelerates the
healing process in minor burns and abrasions. This is the reason why almost all of our skin care products contain this ingredient.

Detergent with lanolin

Lanolin detergent is biodegradable and suitable for wool or very delicate laundry. Lanolin detergent can also be used for washing medicinally tanned coats. The washing of the medicinal coats should be limited as much as possible. Texelana wool detergent with lanolin is very mild and biodegradable. Thanks to these properties Texelana wool detergent with lanolin is also suitable to wash your pet, for example the dog. After a wash with Texelana wool detergent with lanolin your dog is super soft and wonderfully fresh.

Sheepskin care products

Did you know that sheepskin provides great comfort for people who are sick and have to lie in bed for long periods of time or suffer from body and muscles have? Texelana has several care products made of wool in its assortment, made of medical sheepskin. For example, we have wonderfully warm wool back warmers and knee, elbow, and heel protectors. But also wheelchair slippers made of sheepskin for indoor and outdoor use.


WandelWol s a special but simple invention. WandelWol is anti-pressure wool and works pressure-relieving for blisters and sore spots on the feet. The wool absorbs perspiration and has a ventilating effect. The lanolin in the wool naturally cares for your feet.

With the wonderfully soft WandelWol you walk on This skin-friendly product is your ideal hiking partner!

Sheepskin insoles

Wool insoles are the perfect solution to easily get your footwear
winter ready again. Use them, for example, in your slippers, shoes or
snowboots, or as a nice warm layer in your slippers. Are the insoles of your shoes worn out? With a pair of
sheepskin insoles you can have them fixed up again in no time. The
Texelana sheepskin insoles offer a warm extra layer that insulates well and is soft to the touch.
insulates and feels wonderfully soft at the same time.

Warm, soft and nice and comfortable!

Maintenance spray

In order to enjoy your sheepskin slippers and
gloves, it is important to care for them regularly with
a protective spray. This will prevent stains and keep your
sheepskin slippers and gloves for a long time. It also protects your
sheepskin products against dirt and water. We recommend that you regularly
a thin layer of our maintenance spray to maintain your favorite sheepskin products.
your favorite sheepskin products.