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Everything in Wool coats and lined vests (men)

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Wool men's coat: warm and stylish

A wool coat for men is a timeless classic that
never goes out of style. These coats are not only stylish, but also
extremely warm and comfortable to wear. The unique properties of wool
make it an excellent choice for the winter months, when warmth and
protection from the cold are essential.

Some positive properties of wool at a glance:

  • Insulating. Its distinctive frizzy structure has the advantage of perfect insulation. Both on cold and hot days, the ideal temperature is created by the temperature regulating effect.
  • Moist absorbent. Wool fibers can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture. This helps prevent a clammy or sweaty feeling. Ideal if you wear a wool coat men when it is not so cold outside.
  • Smooth. The frizzy structure is elastic and resilient which means that a garment always returns to its original shape after being worn.
  • Water and dirt repellent. Lanolin is a layer of grease in the wool which prevents moisture and dirt from being absorbed into the fibers. As a result, you don't have to wash your wool men's jacket as often.
  • Antibacterieel. Wool does not absorb odors and harmful substances from sweat. This makes frequent washing of your wool men's jacket unnecessary.
  • Sustainable. Because of the strong wool fibers, a men's wool coat can last for years and even be passed on!

Men's coat wool; something for everyone

Texelana has several wool winter coat men from
Ivanhoe of Sweden in the collection. Ivanhoe of Sweden is a Swedish brand that has been making the finest garments from wool since 1946. With today's techniques they are able to create the most beautiful knits which are also very functional.

Warm lined woolen men's vest or wool coat men

Sometimes a men's wool winter coat is still just a little too warm for
the time of year, but you still want to dress comfortably against the fresher
getting temperatures outside. A fleece-lined woolen men's vest from
Shakaloha is a real godsend then. A wool cardigan from Shakaloha is a great addition to your wardrobe, wear it on mild spring days or cool summer evenings as a coat or as a warm cardigan in winter. A lined wool cardigan from Shakaloha comes in many different colors and styles, so always something to match your outfit.

Shakaloha vest men

A men's Shakaloha vest is available in many
different designs. From a cool woolen men's vest in natural colors or a
Shakaloha vest men with a fur pattern. All vests from Shakaloha are
lined with a cotton or fleece lining. A Shakaloha cardigan keeps you
warm during a walk on the beach or a cold winter day. A Shakaloha
vest men is a good addition to your outfit.

Wool coat men: 100% durability and quality

At Texelana, we value durability and
quality. We sell clothing from renowned brands that use
high-quality wool. These wool winter coat men's and lined wool men's cardigans
are not only stylish and comfortable, but also durable and long-lasting.
Moreover, a wool winter coat men is ideal for outdoor activities such as
hiking, because wool regulates temperature. So whether you're going for a long
beach walk or spend an afternoon working in the garden, a long
wool coat men or a lined wool men's cardigan is an excellent choice.

Wool coat men buy? At Texelana you will find the largest collection!

Want to buy a wool coat men? Look no further.
Texelana we have the largest collection of men's coat wool and lined wool men's
vest. Our collection offers various models, styles and sizes to meet
different needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for
a classic design or a trendy variant, you will find the perfect cardigan with us.
Visit our webshop and discover the warmth, style and quality of our cardigan men's
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