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Lounge sheepskins: wide range at Texelana

Are you looking for an extra large lounge sheepskin?
Then check out our lounge sheepskins and sheepskin rugs. These large sheepskins
are made of two sheepskins sewed together. This large size makes them
ideal for on your couch or in an easy chair. But also very suitable as

Lounge sheepskin for your favorite chair

A lounge sheepskin is made of two sheepskins
that are sewn together on the widest short side (the butt of the sheep)
are sewn together. An ideal sheepskin for lounge chair or lounger. The sheepskin
for lounge chair is available in different types. There are lounge
coats from Icelandic sheep. These lounge fleeces are available in
different colors such as white, black and gray. You can choose from a
shaved model, where the hairs are about 3 inches long. Or choose one
of the lounge coats with beautiful long hairs.

Maintenance of lounge coats

A lounge sheepskin should be maintained properly. It is important
that you air the lounge coat outside regularly. Because of the lanolin in the
wool, the sheepskin cleans itself as it were. You can also vacuum
sheepskin when it gets very dusty. When the hairs start
you can carefully brush it loose with a dog or rabbit brush.
rabbit brush. If a stain gets into your sheepskin for lounge chair, you can
clean it with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water and a little wool detergent.
bit of wool detergent. When doing this, make sure that the leather side of the coat does not get wet.

Care of lounge sheepskin

You can keep a natural sheepskin beautiful for a long time by regularly
regularly patting it out or airing it outdoors. After some time
a sheepskin may start to molt, this is a natural process. In order to
sheepskin nice and soft again, you can gently brush it with a dog brush.
a dog brush. It is not possible to wash a sheepskin completely.
The leather backing will harden when made wet. When there is
a stain in the sheepskin, you can carefully clean it with water
and (possibly) wool detergent or green soap. Rinse the stain well, but make sure the
that the leather side remains dry. Let a natural sheepskin dry at
room temperature and do not place it on the (floor) heater.

From sheep to sheepskin

Many people wonder if sheepskin is animal friendly and if
animals are slaughtered for it. A fair question, after all, it is the skin
of a sheep. We reassure you, no sheep are kept just
for the skin. The animals are kept for milk, meat and wool. When
sheep are slaughtered, the sheepskins with fleece are the residual product. These
are tanned according to the strictest EU standards and made suitable for
sale. Isn't that a nice thought? The sheepskin is not just
thrown away but made into a beautiful new product.

Buy sheepskin for lounge chair?

Buy a sheepskin for lounge chair at Texelana.
We have a choice of various beautiful furs of high quality.
We will gladly advise you. We do not always have a lounge coat
stock, so the delivery time may be slightly longer than you are used to from us.