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Everything in Natural sheep skins

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Natural sheepskin: wide range at Texelana

Texelana has a wide range of sheepskins. Our
natural sheepskins are not dyed, so they have their original color. A natural sheepskin is made from different breeds.
There are the beautiful long-haired Icelandic sheepskins in various colors,
but also white sheepskins, brown sheepskins and mini sheepskins. At
our blended skins the most beautiful shades of color occur. From light colors
colors with a funny spot or a beautiful brown with light brown flanks.
Our furs are available in different sizes, an S of 70-80 cm x approx.
45 or an xxl 110-120 x approx. 75 cm. With our wide range you choose the
sheepskin that best suits your needs.

A natural sheepskin is multifunctional

With a real sheepskin on your couch or as a rug
you create a warm atmosphere in your home. Besides looking beautiful, a real
sheepskin keeps you warm in the cold winter months. Because
Texelana has sheepskins of different breeds, there is always a
sheepskin that fits your interior. A sheepskin coat is also good to use
in the garden on your terrace, in your lazy chair or on the picnic bench. Make sure the sheepskin is not left in full sunlight, the wool will dry out too quickly.
The fleece cannot stand water either, the leather will become hard and will tear.
Sheepskins are also used during a long car ride to sit on.
So sheepskins are not only beautiful and attractive
but also comfortable and multifunctional.

Maintaining a real sheepskin

You can keep a natural sheepskin beautiful for a long time by regularly
regularly patting it out or airing it outdoors. After some time
a sheepskin may start to molt, this is a natural process. In order to
sheepskin nice and soft again, you can carefully brush it with a dog brush.
dog brush. It is not possible to wash a sheepskin completely. The
leather backing will harden when made wet. When there is
a stain in the sheepskin, you can carefully clean it with water
and (possibly) wool detergent or green soap. Rinse the stain well, but make sure the
that the leather side remains dry. Let a natural sheepskin dry at
room temperature and do not place it on the (floor) heater.

From sheep to sheepskin

Many people wonder if sheepskin is animal friendly and if
animals are slaughtered for it. A fair question, after all, it is the skin
of a sheep. We reassure you, no sheep are kept just
for the skin. The animals are kept for milk, meat and wool.When
sheep are slaughtered, the sheepskins are the residual product. These
are tanned according to the strictest EU standards and made suitable for
sale. Isn't that a nice thought? The sheepskin is not just
thrown away but made into a beautiful new product.

Buying a real sheepskin?

Buy a real sheepskin at Texelana. Besides the fact that
the furs are of high quality, we also have a very extensive
collection. Each sheepskin is unique. A sheepskin that you see online on our
images may differ slightly from the sheepskin you get at home.