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Everything in Wool baby blankets and wool crib blankets

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Why choose wool baby blankets and wool crib blankets?

Babies can sometimes struggle to warm themselves. This requires a lot of energy that they also need to grow. A wool blanket can help. The wonderful properties of wool retains the heat well, so your child can sleep comfortably. We have a beautiful wool baby blanket in our collection for every interior.

A cradle blanket wool from Klippan is stylish, soft and nice and warm.

Why is a crib blanket wool necessary?

A baby needs a good night's sleep in order to properly grow. Sleeping well is possible only when your baby has the right body temperature has. They sometimes have difficulty maintaining that because their bodies are economical with energy. The wool baby blankets ensure that the ideal sleeping temperature is created. A wool crib blanket from Klippan is made of soft lambswool which is temperature regulating. This improves the sleeping condition so that your child sleeps warmly and comfortably.

What is a crib blanket made of?

A woolen crib blanket from our range is made of 100% eco wool, or a blend of eco wool and organic cotton. Cotton was already ecologically produced, but the Klippan brand knows how to apply this to wool as well. It is a difficult process, because the production of wool requires pesticides to repel insects. Klippan developed a unique process so that the sheep are treated only once with pesticides. The environmentally and animal-friendly production method goes even further. In fact, there are also no chemicals found in the crops and the feed given to the sheep. In addition, the wool is mulesing-free*. The washing of the wool is done using an environmentally friendly method, where no chemicals or bleaches are used. Finally, a Klippan cradle blanket receives the eco label after it has been inspected by an independent and accredited laboratory.

*This means that the wool comes from sheep that are treated in an animal-friendly manner.

Cradle blanket wool: The best choice for little ones

A wool crib blanket is great for babies. That is because of the positive properties of wool:

  • Comfortable. Wool warms up during cold days and wicks away heat and moisture during warmer days. So your baby always sleeps comfortably under soft wool that doesn't sting.
  • Hypoallergenic. A baby's skin is very delicate and therefore deserves the very best material. The wool baby blankets are manufactured without chemicals or other additives, making them very suitable for sensitive baby skin.
  • Smooth. Due to the natural resilience of wool, a wool baby blanket is wonderfully supple and molds to the sleeping position.
  • Washable. With babies, accidents are in a little corner. Don't worry, the wool baby blankets can be washed just fine be washed. By hand or in the washing machine. Use the wool wash program (30° degrees) and wool detergent.
  • Sustainable. Wool is by nature a strong and durable material. A wool crib blanket wool + cotton is extra sturdy. So you will enjoy each product for a long time.

Klippan: Warm under durable wool

In our collection you will find mainly wool baby blankets from the Klippan brand. High quality and the use of natural materials are paramount for this brand. Therefore they produce in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Thus, the energy consumption is greatly reduced and the packaging of a cradle blanket wool is biodegradable. Your baby therefore always sleeps under a sustainable and responsible product. What a nice thought!

Buy wool baby blankets at Texelana

Do you want only the very best for your baby? Then choose a cradle blanket wool from Klippan. Your baby will sleep warm and comfortable, due to the unique properties of wool. Moreover, you know for sure that you buy responsible and durable product. So buying wool baby blankets is a good idea. idea. Due to the many colors and different designs, a wool blanket is perfect to combine with the decor of the (baby) room. Check out our collection!