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Different types of knitting wool

Wool is a super fine material to make clothes from thanks to its natural properties. This is because wool regulates temperature and moisture. Moreover, you don't need to wash wool clothes often; airing them outside once in a while is enough to freshen them up.

Texelana has beautiful wool ready for you. Choose from Irish wool, Scheepjeswol or the natural white knitting wool, which you can possibly dye yourself in any color you want. All variants are made of 100% pure new wool. Pure new wool is wool shorn from living sheep.

Kerry Woollen Mills knitting wool is made from different types of lowland wool. Mixing these types ensures good and consistent quality.
We also have super soft merino wool from the Irish brand Kerry Woollen Mills. The super soft yarn is great for knitting adult, children's and baby clothes; very pleasant for people with sensitive skin who like soft gentle wool. Superwash Lambswool is soft merino worsted wool and can be gently washed at up to 40 degrees Celsius. The wool has been treated to make the fibers smoother, making it resistant to shrinking and felting. A beautiful quality product from Ireland!
The white natural wool is a beautiful wool from Dutch sheep. You can dye this wool yourself in a color of your choice.


Knitting is hip again these days. With a pattern and a few knots of wool you can make the most beautiful and original creations yourself, from a self-knitted trendy scarf to a warm woolen sweater. Texelana does not sell knitting patterns, you can find these elsewhere online. If you have a nice pattern that you want to share with us, please send an email to Perhaps we can feature your pattern in our newsletter to inspire others.
When buying knitting wool, make sure you buy enough buns of the same dye bath, this is called a "lot". It can happen that the same color from a different dye bath turns out slightly different, causing color differences in your knitting. Of course, that would be a shame.

How much wool do I need?

This question is not so easy to answer, as it depends on several factors. For example, the thickness of the peg you knit with, the knitting stitch, the thickness of the wool and, of course, which pattern you have chosen. For example, a cable sweater needs more wool than a sweater without cables. On the pattern you can often find the information how many grams of wool are required and the length of yarn you need. This information is also provided with our wool balls, so you can easily calculate how much you need for your favorite woolen garment. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to help you.

Buy knitting wool at Texelana

Buy your knitting wool at Texelana. With a large assortment of colors and materials, there is always a ball of wool to match what you want to make. Did you know that we sell many more types of wool in our physical stores? Take a look when you are on Texel. You can find our stores in Den Burg, De Koog and Oudeschild. If you order your favorite wool before 10 am, the wool will be shipped to you the same day.