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In addition to woolen baby clothing, Texelana also has woolen baby accessories and sheepskin baby accessories in its range. For example, soft woolen slippers or warm sheepskin mittens. But the pram has also been taken into account, so we have various sleeping bags made of wool or sleeping bags made of medicinally tanned sheepskin for the pram or buggy.
Wonderfully warm and comfortable!

What is medicinally tanned sheepskin?

A medicinally tanned sheepskin is a short shorn coat that has been tanned in a different way; this preserves the lanolin in the coat. Because furs with a high fur density are used, the pressure distribution is optimal and it is very comfortable to lie on these furs. The medicated furs are very suitable for placing in your baby's stroller or playpen. The coat keeps the child nice and warm, thanks to the moisture-regulating and warming properties of the wool. The pleasant softness of the sheepskin gives a feeling of security. Thanks to the optimal temperature and moisture-regulating properties of sheepskin, babies and children often fall asleep more peacefully.

Medicinal tanned sheepskin in the stroller

Medically tanned sheepskin items are therefore a good choice for the stroller. Texelana sells various accessories for this. For example, there are baby sleeping bags with medicinal fur on them
inside, lambskin for the baby seat or buggy which has handy recesses for the harness in which your child is secured. Or the regular one
medicinal sheepskin for the playpen or cot. In addition, we have also taken into account parents and grandparents who have cold hands when they walk with the stroller. Kaiser has special hand warmers for this
designed to be attached to the push bar of the stroller.

Woolen baby blankets

In addition to the range of medicinally tanned sheepskin items for the stroller, Texelana also has woolen baby blankets in its range. These are made of high-quality eco-wool and available in many different colors and prints. There is always a woolen baby blanket that matches the bedroom or pram.

Baby shoes

Texelana has various baby shoes in its range, made from the softest wool or sheepskin. Woolen slippers and sheepskin slippers have the same properties that make wearing wool so pleasant for your baby.

That's how wool is
Insulating.The frizzy structure is caused by the many bends in the wool hairs. These retain air, creating an insulating effect. This means temperature regulation on cold and hot days.
Moisture absorbent.Wool absorbs moisture and drains it gradually so that a clammy feeling is avoided.
Supple. The frizzy structure is elastic and resilient so that a garment always returns to its original shape after wearing.
Not static. A woolen playsuit can therefore be put on over your baby's head without any problems.