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Colored sheepskins: wide range at Texelana

Besides the natural sheepskins, Texelana also has a wide range of dyed sheepskins. A dyed sheepskin for every interior. So you will always find an eyecatcher that suits your style. Think of a dyed apple green sheepskin or a baby pink dyed sheepskin for the floor in the children's room. A sheepskin dyed in a camel color works well in a rural or industrial interior.

Dyed sheepskins are multifunctional

A sheepskin colored is a multifunctional item. Put it next to your bed so you always step on a nice soft rug when you get out of bed. But a dyed sheepskin is also a real eye-catcher in the living room. Lay it over your sofa or chair, for example, or use it as a rug. And what about the porch? In a nice lounge chair or on the garden bench, this way you will be pleasantly warm when it cools down at night.

Colored sheepskins of various breeds

The colored sheepskins are available in different types. There are Icelandic sheepskins that are dyed in natural colors or where only the tips are dyed in a dark color. An Icelandic sheepskin colored with dark tops has had a dark( dark) color bath only at the tips of the wool hairs. Icelandic sheepskins have beautiful long hairs, giving them a luxurious appearance. Because of the long hairs they also feel extra soft, great for on your couch or in your lazy chair.

Care of dyed sheepskins

A dyed sheepskin may bleach on light materials or when wet. Dyed sheepskin may also bleach in strong (sun) light. To keep your dyed sheepskin beautiful for a long time, air and pat it out regularly. Because sheepskin is a natural product, it will molt over time. This is a natural process. To keep your dyed sheepskin beautiful and soft for a long time, you can gently brush it with a dog brush. If there is a stain in your dyed sheepskin, you can gently remove it with a damp cloth with a little wool detergent if necessary. Be sure not to get the leather side of the coat wet. Then let the coat dry at room temperature and do not put it in the sun or on the (floor) heater.

Buy colored sheepskins at Texelana

Buying a colored sheepskin at Texelana is a good idea. Texelana has a wide range of sheepskins. So there is a nice sheepskin for every interior. Because all sheepskins are unique, it may happen that your received sheepskin looks slightly different from the picture. We do not always have a sheepskin in bright colors in stock and sometimes the delivery time will be longer.