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Everything in Wollen babykleding

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New product range! Texelana has expanded its range to include wool baby clothing. There was increasing demand for a wool baby clothing line. Understandable, because wool baby clothing has many advantages. It is becoming an increasingly popular choice among brand-new parents.

Advantages of woollen baby clothes

Natural Warmth: Wool baby clothing or any wool fabric at all has good insulating properties, which also makes it perfect for babies. Especially when it starts getting colder. Wool keeps baby's body temperature at optimal levels, keeping the baby comfortable and warm even in changing weather conditions.

Wool breathes: Unlike synthetic materials, wool baby clothes are known for their breathability. This means wool baby clothes can allow air to circulate, wicking away excess moisture and keeping baby's skin dry. This can prevent skin irritations.

Wool has natural elasticity: Wool is known for its natural elasticity, making garments made of wool comfortable to wear and easy for babies to put on. This ensures freedom of movement, which is essential for baby's motor development.

Hypoallergenic properties: pure wool is hypoallergenic and rarely causes allergic reactions. In addition, natural wool fibres have antimicrobial properties, making them naturally resistant to the build-up of bacteria and odours.

Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness: Wool is a natural and biodegradable material, making it a sustainable choice for baby clothes. It is also a renewable resource, as sheep are sheared regularly. By choosing wool baby clothes, parents contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world for future generations.

In short, wool baby clothes offer a combination of comfort, functionality and natural properties that benefit both parents and babies. Texelana wool baby clothingView the range of wool baby clothing within Texelana. From woollen playsuits to the most adorable woollen slippers and woollen gilets.