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Woolpower thermal clothing

Woolpower is a Swedish brand of thermal clothing and thermal underwear. The Swedish family business was founded in 1972 and has been a specialist in the manufacture of high-quality warm underwear ever since. Wool has always been the main ingredient. The wool comes from merino sheep that graze in the Argentinian part of Patagonia and Uruguay. All Woolpower products are made in Östersund, Jämtland. The seamstresses make a complete product from start to finish. When they are satisfied with the result, they sew their own name tag into the garment. This way you always know who made your clothes. Woolpower continues to supply the Swedish army to this day. As a result, the products are continuously tested under the most extreme conditions. In addition to producing high-quality wool underwear, the brand also pays a lot of attention to the environment and animal welfare.


Woolpower productsare mostly made of merino wool*, which also uses synthetic yarns. This ensures that holes are less likely to form in the garment and it provides the necessary elasticity. Wool is a beautiful natural product that has unique properties. The fabric does not smell bad when you sweat. In addition, it keeps you dry because wool can absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. If you get really wet, the Woolpower thermal underwear retains the heat. This is due to a chemical process in the wool called absorption heat. The idea behind Woolpower is that it is not the thermal clothing that keeps you warm, but your own body. The thermal clothing has a unique structure which ensures that there is a layer of air between the body and the clothing. This optimally retains body heat. The thermal clothing is available in different thicknesses, from 200 grams/m² to 800 grams/m². This allows the garments with different thicknesses to be combined well. For example, take a look at theWoolpower 200 Teeor theWoolpower 400 Jacket. The socks of this brand are also very popular. Therefore, discover theWoolpower 600 Socks. There are evenWoolpower 800 socks, perfect for extreme weather conditions!

* The wool is mulesing-free. This means that the wool comes from sheep that are treated in an animal-friendly way.

Woolpower fabrics: the power of wool

The Swedish brand is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts, and for good reason. The fabric from which the products are made has many advantages:

  • Unique. No other synthetic fabric has all the great properties of wool.
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors . The fabric does not smell bad when you perspire. Wool is self-cleaning and breaks down bad-smelling bacteria from the skin. Therefore, the clothes do not need to be washed often.
  • Natural regulatory effect. Wool fibers can absorb up to 30 percent of their own weight in moisture so that the fabric does not feel damp.
  • Retains heat. Even if the material gets damp, body heat is retained.
  • Washable. Due to the mix of wool and synthetic yarns, Woolpower underwear can be washed at 60 degrees.
  • Comfortable. The underwear does not itch and feels soft and comfortable on the skin.
  • Different fabric thicknesses. The Woolpower 200 and Woolpower 400 products are perfect for cold days. In extreme weather conditions, choose Woolpower 600 or Woolpower 800.
  • Personal product. The seamstresses sew an entire garment from start to finish and mark the garment with their own name tag.

Woolpower: thermal clothing for extreme conditions

Are you looking for thermal clothing and underwear that is warm enough during (extremely) cold weather conditions? Then view our extensive collection of Woolpower. Wonderfully warm and comfortable clothing for men, women and children. Choose from different fabric thicknesses and discover which garment suits you and your favorite outdoor activity best. Due to the high quality you are assured of years of pleasure. Be inspired by our wide range!