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Everything in Sheepskin gloves and mittens

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The importance of gloves

Gloves and mittens made of sheepskin keep your hands nice and warm in winter. When it is cold outside, you lose heat through your hands, feet and head first as more blood flows to your vital organs. So putting on warm gloves keeps you comfortably warm when you are outside.

Warm hands with suede gloves

Sheepskin is known for its moisture-regulating and breathable properties. Perspiration from your hands is gradually drained away, while heat is retained. As a result, your hands remain protected from the cold but do not feel clammy in the sheepskin gloves. Due to the supple sheepskin on the outside, the gloves feel comfortable. For optimal wool performance and long wear, it is important to purchase the right size. Warmth can only be retained when there is sufficient space between the skin and the wool.

What size should I take?

The sheepskin gloves and mittens provide plenty of warmth and comfort. For example, your hands are enveloped by a wonderfully soft sheepskin that is moisture-regulating, breathable and flexible.
For the insulating effect of sheepskin gloves and mittens, it is essential that you have the right size; for example, the glove or mitt should not be too tight. The air with the wool together provide the insulating effect. If the glove or mitt is too tight, you will have less warm hands because the insulating effect is not optimal. In addition, pressure is put on the seams, which can result in premature wear. We therefore have extensive sizing advice on our web shop. We do our utmost to advise you as well as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to help.
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The difference between lammy gloves and lammy mittens

With lammy mittens, you wear your fingers together and your thumb separately, this creates optimal warmth. This makes sheepskin mittens ideal when your hands get cold easily. With lammy gloves, all your fingers are separate, this allows you more freedom of movement when wearing the suede gloves.

Maintaining sheepskin gloves

To keep your lammy gloves in the best possible condition, we have some tips for maintenance. Spray your suede gloves with an impregnator before the first use and repeat this treatment regularly. An impregnator will protect your lammy gloves from water and dirt. When the gloves or mittens have become wet from rain, let them dry at room temperature and do not place the lammy mittens in the sun or on a heater. This can cause the leather to dry out and become hard. This process is irreversible, once leather has hardened it is difficult to get it supple again.

Buy sheepskin gloves and sheepskin mittens at Texelana

For many years our sheepskin gloves and mittens have been a popular product. This is not surprising because the wool gloves and mittens are of high quality and offer great comfort. In addition, our gloves are handmade according to the strict EU standards. Texelana has a wide range and extensive sizing advice. This size advice we have the years of experience in selling luxury wool gloves and luxury mittens.