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Why choose a bag made of felt?

Having a different bag for every activity can sometimes be inconvenient
be. Therefore, Texelana has trendy felt bags in its assortment. Felt
bags are multifunctional, nice and big and made of robust material.
This makes them ideal as shopping bags, beach bags, handbags and more.
Available in different colors and prints. So you always look stylish
for the day. Also fun to give as a gift!

What is felt

Many people are familiar with the technique of knitting and weaving.
Felt is the umbrella name for textiles that are not spun or woven.
It was made even before knitting and weaving techniques were invented.
Originally, wool was the main raw material for felt because wool fibers, due to their
structure make it easy to hook together. Nowadays, felt bags are made
from wool in combination with other fibers so that a felt bag is sturdier and
thus last longer. Also from other (natural) raw materials felt can
produced, as long as fibers can be made from the raw material.
Think, for example, of hemp or bamboo. Polyester fibers are also very suitable
for making felt.

How is felt made?

Felt is made in different ways. To make wool felt
be made, the wool is moistened, steamed, rubbed together
rubbed and pressed. This causes the fibers to hook and tangle together.
When it dries, the wool will shrink, just like a hot-washed
wool sweater. This makes the felt even more compact and firm.

From other raw materials, sometimes fibers must first be made
be made first. For example, there are good techniques for melting down PET bottles into
usable fibers. During the manufacturing process, the felt is compressed into a single mass
and the surface takes on the characteristic, fibrous structure.

Multifunctional felt bag

At Texelana we have added some beautiful felt bags to the
collection. Felt bags not only have a trendy look,
they are also ideal for daily use. A felt shopper is nice and big
and strong due to the sturdy fibers. The bag can therefore take a beating. Ideal
for carrying groceries. A felt bag is also handy as a diaper bag,
beach bag or travel bag. The natural colors are easy to combine
combine with your outfit, so you always look stylish. Moreover
Felt is very durable. So you can be sure that you will enjoy the bag for a long time.

Are you looking for a beautiful gift? With the KnitFactory shoulderbag you give a functional and original gift.
De Texel
 with sheep print is nice as a souvenir or of course to give to a sheep lover. With the sheep phonecase you'll finish the outfit.

Buy felt bags online

Do you like stylish gear and durability? Then choose
for a felt bag from our collection. Not only does it look beautiful,
the material is also sturdy and long-lasting. Have you found your favorite bag?
found? Then simply order it on our website. We ensure that the bag
shipped within two business days so you can enjoy it quickly. We
wish you much pleasure in carrying it!