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Everything in Woolen plaids and woolen blankets

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A wool plaid for multiple purposes

A plaid wool can be used in multiple ways. So you can
snuggle under it during cold evenings in front of the fireplace. Besides
a blanket for on the couch, the wool blankets are also perfect to use as a
woolen bedspread on the bed. Because of the different designs they fit
interior. The coarse fibers of wool give the product a tough look and a warm feeling.
a warm feeling. The decorative fringes provide a playful effect. Some
blankets have a woven motif so they can be used on both sides. With our plaids and blankets you can combine infinitely by the
different colors that match the latest home decorating trends.

Klippan: A 100 percent natural collection

Much of our wool plaids and blankets are from the
brand Klippan. Trends come and go, but this brand is convinced that high quality and the use of natural materials never go out of fashion.That is why they invest in sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods. This is reflected in reduced energy consumption and biodegradable plastic packaging. Each Klippan plaid also bears the eco label.

What are plaids and blankets made of?

In our assortment you will find plaids and blankets made
from 100% lambswool, merino wool or eco wool. Although it is difficult to produce wool in an
ecological way, Klippan got it. There are
pesticides are needed to repel insects. Through a specially
developed process, the sheep only have to be treated once with pesticides.
Also, the crops and feed the sheep eat are free
of chemicals. The wool obtained also comes from sheep that are treated in an
animal-friendly manner (mulesing-free). The wool is then
washed using an environmentally friendly method, where no chemicals or
bleaches are used. Finally, the beautiful ecological wool
passes inspection at an independent and accredited laboratory. With a
Klippan blanket you can be sure that you have a beautiful sustainable product in your hands.

Warm under the wool

Wool is used for a reason for our beautiful
plaids and blankets. This unique material has many advantages that ensure
for a high-quality product:

  • Comfortable. Wool retains warmth when it is cold and is moisture regulating. So you enjoy pleasant comfort without your plaid feeling clammy.
  • Hypoallergenic. The product is manufactured without chemicals or other additives. This minimizes the chance of allergic reactions.
  • Resilient. Because of wool's natural resilience, a wool blanket retains its shape.
  • Dirt-repellent. Wool contains from lanolin, a natural oil that makes the wool water repellent. Dirt therefore stays on the wool creating a self-cleaning effect. The advice is to air your wool blanket outside occasionally when the weather is humid.
  • Washable. Although wool repels dirt, the plaids can also be washed by hand or in the washing machine. Use the wool wash program (30° degrees) and wool detergent.
  • Durable. The material is strong and durably manufactured so you are guaranteed to enjoy your favorite plaid for a long time.

Buy wool plaid or wool blanket at Texelana

Do you like to snuggle up under a lovely blanket or plaid? With
the woolen blankets and plaids of Texelana you enjoy pleasant comfort and quality
quality due to the beautiful properties of wool. Due to the many colors and
different designs, the blankets can be endlessly combined with your interior
and the latest home trends. View our collection and experience the high
quality of our home plaids yourself!