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All of our products are available in various sizes and
thicknesses. With the different products you can create the ideal combination to suit
your sleeping needs. Sleeping on and under wool contributes to a wonderful

Wool comforter from Texelana

Texelana has four different types Four-season-duvets in the assortment. The difference between these comforters is the ticking, which differs from cotton satin to standard cotton. In addition, Texelana has a comforter that is partially filled with wild silk.

Why sleep under a wool comforter

A wool comforter is airy, comfortably warm and breathable.
This ensures and pleasant sleeping environment. Wool can absorb up to 30% of
its own weight in moisture and allows it to evaporate during the night,
so it does not feel clammy. In order to sleep well, it is important
that your body temperature drops a little. Because wool regulates temperature
works, this will therefore feel very comfortable. It is wonderful sleeping under a
Texel comforter.

Sleeping on wool

In addition to wool comforters, Texelana also has wool mattress toppers. These wool mattress toppers provide a comfortable, ventilating top layer on your mattress. The wool mattress toppers have a filling of 100% pure new wool and a top layer of wool knitted into jersey.

Wool pillow

Besides the comforters of wool and the mattress toppers of wool has
Texelana also has pillows of wool. The pillows are filled with wool dots, which you can refill to the desired thickness. A wool pillow regulates moisture thanks to its filling.