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Everything in Sheepskin slippers

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Sheepskin slippers from Texelana

Texelana slippers are made of sheepskin. Slippers made of sheepskin have a leather exterior and soft thick sheepskin on the inside. Sheepskin is a natural product that breathes, insulates and is durable. Texelana sheepskin slippers are therefore a true luxury for your feet. The sheepskin slippers are suitable for ladies and gentlemen. The range consists of slippers with a leather sole or a rubber sole, slippers with Velcro for easy entry or high slippers in a boot model.

Features of sheepskin slippers

The Texelana sheepskin slippers are made from the inverted skin of sheep. Slippers with sheepskin on the inside have several good properties. They're warm and comfortable. Wool insulates excellent and has a moisture-regulating effect. Wool hairs have many small bends (about 20 bends per cm., (also called crimps), which allows air to be retained well. This layer of air is an important factor when it comes to insulation, but is also essential in the removal of moisture. This keeps your feet comfortably warm without feeling clammy.
feeling. The sheepskin slippers retain heat well due to their high insulation value.
So the slippers keep your feet warm in winter and the wool works ventilating in the summer. So you get wonderfully warm feet with sheepskin slippers.

Tip: The sheepskin slippers can be worn with bare feet. After tanning, a little wool grease (lanolin) remains in the wool and therefore, the sheepskin also takes care of your feet.

Sheepskin slippers for everyone

Texelana has slippers in different models. Do you prefer a rubber sole, with which you can go outside, or rather a soft leather sole, so you can sit comfortably on the couch? In addition, there are slippers in different heights, will you go for a mule, an ankle-high
slipper or a boot? Some of these slippers feature a luxurious sheepskin rim on the outside.

Texelana has designed the slipper advice tool.
This tool shows you all the features of the slippers. This will help you to pick your new pair of slippers.

Choosing the right size sheepskin slippers

The Texelana sheepskin slippers are available in a large size range, from size 16 to size 50. The models are unisex, so suitable for both women and men.

Choosing the right size sheepskin slippers is very important. Whereas normal shoes are usually made of cow leather, our slippers are made of sheepleather. Slippers are therefore
more vulnerable than when they are made of cow leather. If the slippers are too tight, pressure points can occur, causing the leather to wear or crack sooner. The functioning of a sheepskin slipper is at its best when it is not too tight. If the fur
will be compressed too much because the slipper is too tight, the insulating and moisture
wicking ability is hampered. The small layer of air in the frizzy wool provides the desired effect in these sheepskin slippers. It is therefore important that you choose the right size. This also improves wearing comfort. Slippers in the right size will last longer. How to
size is described for each product. If you still have questions about which slipper suits you best, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.