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Sheepskins as decoration in the home

Sheepskins are perfect for creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in your home. Place a sheepskin on your sofa, chair or bed and enjoy the comfort it provides. It not only adds texture and color to your interior, but also provides an extra layer of insulation and warmth during the cold winter months.

A wide choice

Texelana sells dozens of types of sheepskins of various breeds. From short-haired and long-haired furs to lambskins and sheepskins in various colors. In our collection you will find beautiful natural sheepskins and fleeces dyed in striking colors. Think of an apple green sheepskin or a baby pink sheepskin for the floor in the children's room. Sheepskins are natural products, therefore each one has a unique look and size. The sheepskin rug you see online in our images may differ slightly from the coat you receive at home.

Long-haired and short-haired sheepskins

The long-haired sheepskins we sell are unshorn and possess their natural wool length. These longhaired fleeces give a lot of warmth and comfort. Moreover, they are easy to maintain them by occasionally combing out the wool with a coarse comb. The short-haired coats are shaved coats. These are also very suitable as rug, for example next to your bed. A warm sheepskin under your feet makes getting up a lot more pleasant.

Medicinal tanned sheepskins

The medicanal tanned sheepskins in our range are not chemically colored or bleached. They are gently cleaned and differently tanned so that the skin is washable. For this reason, the sheepskins are often used in healthcare or with babies. Also, the lanolin (wool grease) and the soft texture of wool are retained, as is the natural scent and yellowish color.

Medicated sheepskins are especially for babies, children and people who lie down a lot. The fleece density is high which retains body heat well. This can be soothing for babies and children. Also for bedsores, muscle problems or other discomforts The soft, moisturizing and warming medicinal sheepskin offer.

From sheep to sheepskin

Many people wonder if a sheepskin is is animal friendly and whether animals are slaughtered for it. A legitimate question, after all, it is the skin of a sheep. We reassure you, no no sheep are kept just for the skin. The animals are kept for milk, meat and wool. When sheep are slaughtered, the sheepskins are are the residual product. These are tanned according to the strictest EU standards and made suitable for sale.