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The poufs and beanbags of Texelana are made of
super quality sheepskin in several beautiful colors and with
long-haired or short-haired fur. Surprisingly beautiful and comfortable. They fit with
their stylish, cuddly appearance in any interior and offer cuddly soft
comfort. With this you really have something special in your home! Texelana has different
shapes poufs and in different thicknesses. So you choose the perfect pouf for
your interior.

Pouf sheepskin

Our sheepskin poufs are a real eyecatcher for in
your home. By choosing from different furs and models Texelana
has a matching pouf for every interior. Sheepskin gives your interior a
warm and trendy look. The poufs are made of three to four
sheepskins of high quality. As desired, you can choose a
long-haired or for a shorn sheepskin and from various beautiful
colors. The poufs are available in different models; round, square
or oval. Comfortable to sit on, or to put your feet on while
while watching your favorite series. Texelana fur poufs are nicely
firmly filled and therefore also suitable as a side table, for example with a
nice tray on your pouffe.

Beanbag sheepskin

The Texelana beanbags are made from three sheepskins.
Sewing them together creates a large beanbag. The sheepskins
that are used for this, are of high quality so that you get a durable
product in your home. You can choose from long-haired or shorn furs and
from various beautiful colors. The beanbags are filled with dimensionally stable styrophor
balls, which can be filled as desired. This filling forms easily to your
to your body, making the beanbag extremely comfortable. A wonderful
place to relax completely!

Maintenance of pouf sheepskin and beanbag sheepskin

Through use, it is possible that the sheepskin pouf and
sheepskin beanbag will eventually start to felt. This process cannot be
preventable, but can be postponed somewhat. You can brush the sheepskin
sheepskin bean bag with a coarse dog brush or an old hairbrush.
dog brush or an old hairbrush. This allows the hairs to detach from
each other and they will molt less quickly.

Sheepskins are not washable. In the unlikely event of a
stain in the hair side of the sheepskin pouf or beanbag, you can
you can best carefully dab it clean with a cloth with lukewarm
lukewarm water and a little Texelana wool detergent. In this wool detergent there is
a little bit lanolin, which keeps the wool fiber supple. Let the coat
dry at room temperature (not on the (floor) heating). Important
make sure the coat does not get too wet, because if the back (leather side) gets wet
becomes wet, the leather will harden. This is unfortunately irreversible; it is almost
impossible to get the leather supple again.

Buy sheepskin beanbag at Texelana

Buy a sheepskin beanbag at Texelana. Do you have a new
new house or do you want something different in your home? In our wide range there is
always a beanbag or pouf that fits your interior. The beanbags and pouffes are
are specially ordered for you when they are not in stock.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask our customer service. We are