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The importance of a good comforter

To wake up rested, a good night's sleep is very important. Sleeping well is not only determined by a mattress or pillow, but also by the comforter you lie under. A wool comforter has several positive properties that will help you get a good night's sleep.

  • Self-cleansing; bacteria repellent and dirt repellent due to lanolin.
  • Temperature regulating; it keeps you warm in winter and ventilates in summer
  • A sustainable product; it lasts a long time and is extracted in an animal-friendly manner.
  • Moisture-regulating; it absorbs moisture easily and also allows it to evaporate again easily.
  • Fire Contracting; its high moisture content, high ignition temperature and high nitrogen content make it a relatively safe material.
  • Anti-mold; Good ventilation reduces the risk of mold.
  • Environmentally friendly; after all, it is a natural product.
  • Strong and has a long service life; the insulation value of a wool comforter hardly deteriorates.

So buying a wool comforter is well worth the investment.

Buy wool comforter: choose the right thickness

In order not to be too hot or too cold while sleeping, the thickness of the comforter is essential. Therefore, when buying a wool comforter you have a choice of different variants to suit the seasons and temperatures. The thickness of the comforter and thus the heat rating is as follows:

  • Class 4 is the thinnest, least warm and suitable as a summer comforter.
  • Class 3 is medium warm and suitable for spring and fall months.
  • Class 2 is warm and often used in winter.
  • Class 1 is the thickest and warmest comforter.

Find your perfect wool comforter at Texelana

Treat yourself to a wonderful night's sleep and choose a Texelana wool comforter. Each comforter is characterized by a certain warmth class and special filling. So there is always a comforter that suits your sleeping preferences and the time of year. You can choose from a single comforter, comforter 200x200, twin and other sizes. Check out our range and enjoy pleasant sleep comfort!