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Everything in Woolen spring/autumn duvets

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Spring & autumn wool comforter benefits

Wool is the ideal material to sleep under. Because it is a natural material, it has many positive properties.

  • Wool has an insulating effect Because of this, a wool comforter keeps you pleasantly warm on cold days, but ventilates well on warm days.
  • Wool is breathable It can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and gradually dissipates it to the environment. This prevents a clammy feeling when you sleep under a wool comforter sleep.
  • Wool is durable, a Texelana wool comforter has a lifespan of more than 10 years with normal use.
  • Wool is fire retardant, because wool has a high ignition temperature and contains a lot of moisture, a wool comforter catches fire is less likely to catch fire.
  • Wool is self-cleaning. Because there is still lanolin in the wool, you do not need to wash your wool comforter. wash, but only open it daily and let it air outside occasionally.

Spring & autumn wool comforter; wide range at Texelana

If you choose a spring/autumn wool comforter, then you have come to us at the right place. Texelana has various sizes available. Whether you are are looking for a single, double or twin jumeaux wool comforter, you will always find a size that suits you. We also have extra long comforters of 220 cm. in our assortment. Always first check which size comforter fits your bed. A comforter is always wider than your mattress size.

Spring & autumn wool comforter care

A spring wool comforter, also autumn wool comforter, requires requires little maintenance because wool has a self-cleaning ability. Open the open the comforter in the morning so that the absorbed moisture can evaporate well. Let the air out the comforter regularly. In this way the wool retains its natural crimp and keeps the comforter nice and airy. You cannot wash a wool duvet in the washing machine yourself. If desired, you can have the comforter dry cleaned at the dry cleaner's.

Buy spring wool comforter or buy autumn wool comforter? At Texelana you will find the largest collection!

We often get asked the question: Should I buy a buy a spring wool comforter or an autumn wool comforter? We have the solution; one comforter suitable for both seasons. When your home is well insulated, or if you don't get cold so easily, this duvet will also suffice during the winter months. comforter also suffices during the winter months. So you can sleep well under this wool duvet under this wool comforter. View our spring and autumn wool comforter or choose a Texelana wool filled four-season comforter.