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Everything in Woolen summer duvets

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Summer comforter wool, the benefits

In summer, nighttime temperatures rise, so you prefer to
want to sleep under a less warm and heavy comforter than during the winter months.
A wool comforter summer is then the solution. Because there is less filling in a
summer comforter, it feels lighter and lighter than a winter or spring duvet.
winter or spring comforter. Since a summer wool comforter ventilates well, you will
probably sleep better and wake up more rested.

Wool summer comforter: wide range at Texelana

Do you choose a summer wool comforter? Texelana has various sizes
available, so you will always find a comforter that suits you. Whether you are looking for
for a single, double or twin comforter. We even have
even extra long comforters of 220 cm in our assortment.

The Texelana Excellent wool summer comforter is a wool filled summer duvet
and has a ticking of percal cotton. The advantages of wool are that it breathes, has a draining
wicking capacity and that it is self-cleaning. A wool summer
summer comforter is an excellent choice for a dry sleeping climate and thus a
for comfortable sleep.

Are you looking for a soft and airy comforter but your
preference for wool? Then check out our Summer Duvet Wild Silk. This
comforter has a filling consisting of a mix of wild silk and cotton. This
is a super light comforter that ventilates well and is dust mite free. Moreover
this comforter is washable at 40 ° C.

Our Summer Cotton Duvet is also ideal for summer.
The cotton comforter is thin and has good heat and moisture regulating
properties. Moreover, a cotton-filled summer comforter is washable in the
machine washable and tumble dryer resistant.

Want to buy a summer wool comforter but still have questions?
Please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you!

Wool summer comforter: durable and high quality

Our wool-filled summer comforters are made of high
quality sheep's wool. This wool is naturally very frizzy and this provides a
resilient layer of wool with an insulating effect. This keeps you
warm and dry in cold weather, and has a moisture-regulating effect on warmer

The comforter is encased in a beautiful ticking of 100 % percal
cotton. Percal cotton has a fine quality, is breathable and very durable.
As a result, this comforter feels soft and supple.

Our comforters are made from natural products of
high quality. Wool has a long lifespan, and therefore you can
enjoy this fine comforter for a long time. A sustainable choice!

Maintenance of a summer wool comforter

A wool comforter summer requires little maintenance. Wool
works self-cleaning and therefore we recommend airing the comforter daily
by folding back the comforter. You can also occasionally hang the comforter outside for a while.
hang. In this way, the sheep's wool retains its natural crimp and the
filling remains nice and airy. In this way you can enjoy your woolen
summer comforter.

You cannot wash a wool comforter summer in the washing machine.
Should you still want to clean the comforter, you can have this done at the
dry cleaner. You can wash our cotton and wild silk summer comforters yourself.
Always follow the washing instructions on the label.

Buy summer wool comforter? At
Texelana you will find the largest collection

Texelana has a wide range of summer comforters. A
wool summer comforter is light, moisture regulating and ventilates during the hot
summer months. This ensures a pleasant sleeping climate, which contributes to a
good night's sleep.

Besides wool comforter summer we also have in our assortment wool filled 4 season comforters and spring and autumn comforters. For the cold
winter months you can also choose an extra warm wool winter comforter.

Since Texelana has no production capacity on Texel,
all our comforters are made elsewhere in the Netherlands.