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Wool children's slippers and baby slippers

When you go out with your child or baby, you obviously don't want him or her to get cold feet, because that usually means a quick right turn back home. Even indoors, for the baby lying in the playpen or the toddler taking its first steps, it is important that your child's feet stay nice and warm.

Texelana has a wide range of luxury wool slippers for all ages; for babies, preschoolers and toddlers, as well as for older youth. Both our sheepskin slippers and sheep wool slippers are also a favorite maternity gift!

Wool baby clothes and children's clothes: fun and warm

Wool children's clothing is a great choice for parents who want to provide their children with warm and comfortable clothing. Wool clothing is especially recommended for children because children use more energy than adults to keep their bodies warm. So wool can help them do this very well. Wool has naturally insulating properties, regulating body temperature and retaining heat even when wet. In addition, wool is breathable and moisture absorbent. This allows them to move and play freely, while staying nice and warm.

Wool mittens for children

When you go out with your child or baby, of course you don't want him or her to get cold hands, because that usually means a right turn back home. That doesn't make anyone happy! With children's wool gloves and mittens, little hands stay comfortably warm. That way you can all enjoy the outing for a long time.

At Texelana we have various warm mittens for children in the range, both of sheepskin and sheep's wool and for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school children.

Wool children's hats

During a walk or a bike ride, it is important to keep your child's head warm. Most of the heat is lost through the head. A wool hat is soft and comfortable and therefore particularly nice for children.

Texelana has various hats for children in its assortment. Nice and warm and comfortable.

Wool thermal clothing children and babies

Children like to be active outdoors and comfortable clothing suits that. Wool (thermal) clothing is very suitable for this purpose thanks to the natural properties of wool. Wool has excellent breathability, keeping you comfortably warm but also allowing you to easily get rid of excess heat. You will not get too hot during your activities.

Baby carriage accessories

Going out with the stroller on colder days? Then of course you want your child to stay comfortably warm and you don't want your hands to get cold!

Texelana has various wool baby carriage accessories. So you and your child will be well protected on the road.

Wool baby blankets and wool crib blankets

A newborn baby sometimes struggles to keep warm. But toddlers, infants and preschoolers also benefit from a comfortable and dry sleep environment.

At Texelana we have a wide range of wool baby blankets in different colors and prints, all made of eco-wool. So your child sleeps comfortably and a wool crib blanket also looks stylish.