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Texelana - Standaard | wool-filled 4 season duvet

Texelana - Standaard | wool-filled 4 season duvet

Regular price € 179,00
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Four season duvet Texelana Standard | wool filled.

With this four season duvet, you sleep wonderfully under wool all year round. The summer part provides an airy feeling in the summer; the spring/autumn part for cozy warmth during colder months. If you are still cold, you can zipper both parts together to make a nice warm winter duvet. In this way, you create the sleeping environment you need.

  • Filled with 100 % mildly cleaned sheep's wool.
  • Cover made of 100 % cotton.
  • Warmth class 2: warm.
  • Zipper closure.

N.B. - the size of the duvet can deviate minimally from the indicated size.
- Sleep products cannot be returned. Is the product not to your satisfaction? Then we advise you to notify us immediately upon receipt.


The Texelana Standard duvet is filled with 100% sheep's wool. Wool has a moisture regulating and breathable effect. The summer duvet is filled with approximately 225 g/m² sheep's wool and the spring/autumn duvet with approximately 450 g/m² sheep's wool. These can be used separately or joined together using a flexible zipper. Thanks to the natural materials, you will enjoy pleasant sleeping comfort.

Different versions

Texelana has four different versions of wool-filled duvets. The difference is in the quality of the ticking; it varies from standard cotton to cotton satin. Only the Exquisiet duvet has a different filling; in this type the summer duvet is filled with a mixture of wool and wild silk.

1. The Texelana Standaard duvet has a cover of 100% cotton. This duvet is available in a four season version.
2. The Texelana Excellent duvet has a cover of percal cotton. Percal is woven with a higher number of threads. This makes the fabric feel softer and more supple. Because of the higher weave density, the fabric stays beautiful longer. This duvet is available as a four season duvet, but also as a separate summer, spring/autumn or winter duvet.
3. The Texelana Exquisiet duvet has a cover of cotton satin. This is often confused with polyester satin, the shiny, smooth fabric. However, satin says nothing about the material, but about the method of weaving. Cotton satin is 100% natural cotton and therefore also has the fine properties of cotton: it breathes and is moisture absorbent. However, cotton satin feels softer and smoother than regular or percal cotton, due to the special "satin weave. In this process, the cotton is woven much closer together and thus more threads are used. More threads per square inch means higher quality and a smoother fabric. The satin weave also makes the fabric slightly shiny. So cotton satin not only feels luxurious, but also looks luxurious! This duvet is available as a four-season duvet.
4. The duvet Waddenparel has a cover of 100% cotton. This duvet is available in a four season version.

The quality of the sheep's wool is the same for all types of duvets.

Warmth classes

To choose the right duvet to suit your needs look at the heat rating. The lower the number, the warmer the duvet is. The Texelana Standard 4 season duvet falls into class 2.

  • Class 4 is the thinnest, least warm and most suitable as a summer duvet.
  • Class 3 is medium warm and most suitable for spring and fall months.
  • Class 2 is warm and most commonly used in winter.
  • Class 1 is the warmest class, which includes the thickest and warmest duvets. Texelana does not have any duvets in heat class 1. 


A duvet filled with wool does not need much maintenance. The lanolin (wool fat) in the wool ensures that dirt and bacteria have no chance. To keep your duvet in good condition it is wise to air it every now and then. Fold back the duvet in the morning to allow the wool to breathe and release moisture to the environment. Hanging the duvet outside occasionally (not in full sun) works well. This keeps the frizzy character and resilience of the wool fibers intact. In case of a stain, the duvet can be cleaned with a cloth and lukewarm soapy water.

Washing a wool duvet is not possible. If a thorough cleaning is necessary, you can have this done by the dry cleaner. However, this is not necessary with normal use.


Since Texelana has no production capacity on Texel, all our duvets and underblankets are made elsewhere in the Netherlands.