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The origins of Norlender

Norlender is a Norwegian brand founded by Ola Tveiten. He lived with his family on a farm in the mountains of the island of Osterøy when he bought his first knitting machine in 1927. Because Ola had to leave because of his job as a carpenter, he gave his sons the assignment: just make sure it works. Together with their mother, they got the machine working and started producing underwear for women under the name “Svale Trikotasje”. Business was going well, so they soon invested in a second knitting machine. Shortly afterwards the factory outgrew its seams and a new factory hall was built next to the old farm. After the Second World War, times changed. More and more low-priced products from the East entered the Scandinavian market. At Svale Trikotasje it was time for a big change. In the winter of 1989, the third generation took over the company. They invested in new machines, which made it possible to carry a larger range. Under the name Norlender they started producing sweaters based on the Norwegian knitting tradition.

Norlender, 130 years of quality

Norway is internationally known for the quality of its woolen clothing. Wool is a natural material that has special properties. This keeps you warm in the cold and wet climate. Norlender uses 70% Norwegian wool for its clothing, this wool has long and strong fibers. Merino wool is used for clothing that has a more luxurious appearance. The wool that Norlender uses is of high quality and is spun by Norwegian spinners who have been working in the wool industry for over 130 years. These spinners work according to strict ecological guidelines.

Norwegian traditions

Wool plays an important role in Norwegian traditions. It has been used for clothing for over 6,000 years. Wool is the most commonly used raw material in Norway's national costume. Beautiful multicolored patterns were knitted by hand and decorated with woven bands and pewter closures. All of these elements are reflected in the patterns used for Norlender's clothing .

Wool sweaters from Norlender

Norlender's wool sweaters are available for both men and women. The beautiful wool sweaters are available in different patterns that are suitable for both men and women, for example theNorlender Hitra. Or how about a cool skipper's sweater like the Norlender Fitjar? Complete your outfit with the woolen accessories from Norlender.