Texelana Slipper selection guide

Placed on October 24, 2023
Texelana Pantoffel kieswijzer

"I would like to buy warm slippers made of wool, but which slippers are best for me?"

We understand this question all too well. Texelana has years of experience in the field of wool slippers. We are happy to help you make the right choice. We explain the different slippers for you in a handy overview with the most important advantages.

Sheepskin slippers.

Special about these slippers is the special effect of sheepskin. For example, sheepskin slippers have a high insulation value. You can also wear the sheepskin slippers with bare feet. After tanning, a little wool fat (lanolin) remains in the wool, which means that the sheepskin also cares for your feet. Since sheep leather is more fragile than cow leather, the correct slipper size is very important. You can find more information about this in our blog article "The ultimate tip against cold feet" .

Sheepskin slippers with rubber sole ; these slippers are suitable for walking outside. For example, to take the mail out of the mailbox. Good to know; slippers with a rubber sole are less suitable for very wide feet. Due to the fixed sole, the slippers can spread less than slippers with a soft leather sole.

Sheepskin slippers with cow leather sole are soft and flexible. Intended for indoor use only. The sole is made of cowhide, as cowhide is more durable than sheepskin.

Model Sole fit Molded footbed Removable footbed Available
> size 46
Extra room at the toes Suitable for high instep
Christa rubber narrow v
Donna rubber average v
Frida rubber average v v
Katya cow leather average v
Maya cow leather wide v v v
Nelda rubber average
Pippa rubber average
Reina rubber average
Ria rubber average v
Sarah rubber wide v v v
Stella rubber average
Senna thin rubber average
Tara rubber average
Texas rubber average v v
Vera rubber average v v


Haflinger wool felt slippers

The original, sturdy Haflinger slippers and slippers made of pure wool felt. The wool felt of sheep's wool is ideal for footwear, because it is firm, dense in structure and elastic. Wool regulates temperature and also provides a warm and comfortable feeling. There are also wool felt Haflinger slippers with a removable footbed, ideal for people with arch supports.


Model Sole fit Entry-level model Removable
V/T **
> size 46
Extra room at the toes Suitable for high instep
Alaska latex wide v v
Fundus rubber narrow v v V
Flair latex wide v v
Grizzly Kris rubber wide v V+T v v
Grizzly Torben rubber wide v V+T v v v
Paul   latex average v v
Skane rubber average v v V

**footbed: V=shaped footbed, T=toe grip


Glerups wool felt slippers

Glerups is a Scandinavian company that produces slippers and indoor shoes from wool felt. The Glerups slippers and slippers are made from 100% natural wool from the Gotland fur sheep. Needle felt is first made from this wool. This strong fabric is created because the wool is first treated with soap and water. When choosing the right Glerups slippers, it is important that you ask yourself what you are going to use the Glerups slippers for. Do you only want to wear them indoors or also around the house? The Glerups indoor boot, for example, has a cowhide leather sole and a sturdy footbed, making it ideal for indoor use. Glerups also has slippers with a rubber sole; this sole is made of natural rubber with an anti-slip profile. The rubber soles are spherical, so that the foot rolls off easily.

Curious about our Glerups slippers and slippers? View the complete range here.


Model Sole Removable
> size 46
fit Extra room at the toes Suitable for high instep
Ankle boot spherical sole rubber v medium/wide v
Shoe spherical sole rubber v medium/wide v
Slip-on spherical sole rubber v medium/wide v v
Ankle boot leather sole cow leather v medium/wide v
Shoe leather sole cow leather v medium/wide v


Giesswein slippers made of boiled wool

Giesswein produces slippers where style, comfort and functionality go hand in hand. This combination is made possible by the high-quality finish and the use of boiled wool. Cooking shrinks the wool, making the wool firmer and firmer and therefore very suitable for making warm, comfortable slippers.

Model Sole Entry model



> size 46


Extra room at the toes

Suitable for high instep

Veitsch rubber v v v average v v
Vent rubber v v average v v