Lanolin in care products

Placed on June 26, 2023
Lanoline in verzorgingsproducten

Look and listen to your skin

Stress at work, little sleep and weather conditions such as cold, inclement weather, but also mild sunburn are all factors that influence our skin. This can cause you to suffer from dry or spotty skin, or chapped spots. The skin is our largest organ and that is why it is extra important that we take good care of it. Lanolin can help with this thanks to its unique properties. But what exactly is lanolin? And in which products is it processed? In this blog we will tell you all about it.

What is lanolin?

Lanolin is also called wool fat, because it is in the wool of the sheep. This wool grease protects the sheep's coat against all weather influences. This prevents rain, cold and wind from penetrating the skin. It keeps the sheep's skin supple and has a dirt and water-repellent effect. The lanolin is extracted by washing wool. When the water evaporates, the wool fat remains. It is then cleaned and used in, among other things, care products.

Why is lanolin good for my skin?

Lanolin has the same structure as our own sebum. Sebum has a protective effect and prevents dehydration of the skin and hair. Sebum prevents infections caused by bacteria and fungi. Lanolin is beneficial for cracked and dry skin, nourishes the skin intensively and supports natural skin recovery.

Lanolin in care products.

Texelana care products with lanolin are suitable for every skin type. We have various care products for daily use, but also care products if your skin deserves some extra attention. We also have mild soap and shampoo on a lanolin basis that is suitable for sensitive skin and delicate baby skin.

We would like to highlight some of our lanolin creams for you:
  • Marigold cream . If your skin is slightly burned by the sun. This creamy lanolin cream with sea buckthorn extract and aloe vera soothes the skin. Also suitable for daily use.
  • Healing lanolin cream . For minor abrasions, cuts or sensitive freshly shaved skin, we recommend our healing lanolin cream with sea buckthorn. The cream provides optimal care for the skin, rough skin becomes soft and supple again
  • Pure lanolin cream . Excellent for use on cracks on the hands (cuticles) or feet, cracked nipples due to breastfeeding or very chapped skin. It keeps the skin soft and has a protective effect.
  • Muscle and massage balm . The balm spreads well and does not leave a greasy layer. The lanolin and sea buckthorn extract contained in it care for your skin during the massage.

Come fresh and radiant for the day!

Keep the skin clean and fresh with mild soap containing lanolin.
Texelana hand soap, shower/bath foam and shampoo are suitable for daily use. Also suitable for babies and small children. Thanks to the mild cleansing, it does not dry out the skin. The lanolin has a caring and moisturizing effect.

Buy lanolin at Texelana.

Have you become curious about the unique effect of lanolin? Experience it yourself by purchasing products with lanolin at Texelana. We have a very extensive range . Come visit one of our stores, or visit our webshop. You can always contact us for advice at . We are happy to help you.

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