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Texelana | sheepskin back warmer

Texelana | sheepskin back warmer

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Texelana back warmer made of medicinally tanned sheepskin

Cold or overload can cause complaints and pain in the lower back. This back warmer with real sheepskin provides warmth and helps prevent or alleviate these complaints. The back warmer can also provide relief from rheumatic complaints and stiff muscles. The sheepskin back warmer has a handy Velcro closure.

The sheepskin is short shorn and therefore offers extra comfort. Sheepskin has a pressure-relieving effect and regulates heat and moisture. The thick coat is comfortably warm in winter and regulates heat and moisture in summer.

The benefits of a sheepskin back warmer:

  • size: approx. 72x30 cm.
  • warms the back for pain and muscle complaints
  • cushioning and moisture regulating
  • Equipped with Velcro, so it always fits

How are the sheepskins processed?

Texelana medicinally tanned coats are mildly cleaned according to the strictest EU standards and are ecologically tanned. This preserves the active softening substance lanolin (wool fat) and the soft structure of the wool. The natural scent also remains slightly present. No chemical dyes are used for these coats. Due to the medicinal tanning, the coats are no longer susceptible to mold growth. The coat is shaved to approximately 3 cm, so that it is less likely to become matted and can be easily brushed out. Medically tanned coats are not colored or bleached. The yellowish color of the coat comes from the method of tanning.

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The fur density of these coats is high, which retains body heat. This can help relieve muscle pain.
Medically tanned coats can help delay the development of bedsores. The soft, moisture-regulating and warming medicinal sheepskin is also a solution for other discomforts caused by prolonged lying or sitting.

Gently washable at 30°C, hand wash with wool detergent. We recommend using Texelana Wool Detergent .

Washing instructions

Medicated coats are (limited) washable; We recommend washing the coat only if strictly necessary!

The product does not need to be washed before use. Moreover, wool cleans itself. Hanging out in the morning dew is a blessing for the wool. Washing the coat can remove the lanolin from the coat and harden the leather.

If you still want to wash the coat, follow the following washing instructions (this offers no guarantee): 
  • Wash at 30°C by hand with Texelana® wool detergent (contains lanolin);
  • After washing, rinse very well with clean water;
  • Add a generous dash of natural vinegar to the last rinse water. Leave the coat in this for 10-15 minutes (this prevents the leather from hardening);
  • Let the coat dry at room temperature with the hairy side down, for example on a drying rack. Never in the dryer, and not on or near a heater or in full sun;
  • Regularly pull the leather into shape during the drying process so that it remains supple and does not curl;
  • After drying, comb the coat with a hard brush, so that the sheepskin lambskin remains beautiful and wonderfully soft;
  • After washing, the leather may become less supple and the hair stiffer. This is normal. Washing the coat is at your own risk.


Our sheepskins come from the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Sweden and Iceland and are tanned and processed in various tanneries in Europe, according to EU guidelines.