Measure foot size

How do I measure my foot size? Our step-by-step explanation.

To ensure that the slippers fit properly, the foot must be measured accurately. Don't worry, this isn't difficult and can be done quickly.
Below we show you step by step how to measure your foot size:

  1. Grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Step on the paper with your bare foot.
  2. Draw a line on the paper at the heel and at the tip of your longest toe.
  3. Do the same with your other foot. Feet are rarely exactly the same length.
  4. Determine the length in cm. Use a ruler to measure the length in cm. to decide.

    In the table accompanying the article on our website you can see which shoe size suits your foot length.

To ensure that the measurement is successful, we have a few additional tips:

  • It is important that you measure the foot while standing , so that it is fully loaded with your body weight.
    The length may be slightly different when sitting or squatting.
  • It is best to take the measurement in the afternoon or evening, because the feet are a little swollen from walking.
    This reduces the chance of getting slippers that are too small.
  • If your foot is between two sizes, we recommend the larger shoe size.
  • If your feet are different sizes, use the largest foot as a guide.