Warm sheepskin gloves and mittens

Placed on June 26, 2023
Warme handschoenen en wanten van schapenvacht

The tip against cold hands

Winter time is time for hot chocolate, candles and sitting by the stove. But winter time also means cold weather, fresh air and cold hands and feet. Cold and numb hands, a tingling feeling or even painful fingers, no one wants this. Wool sheepskin gloves are the solution for cold hands.

Suede gloves and suede mittens

First of all, the difference between gloves and mittens: gloves have fingers and mittens do not. With a glove, each finger must provide its own heat. In a mitten, the fingers work together, making mittens warmer than gloves. Gloves have the great advantage that they make it easier to grip things.

What are the sheepskin gloves made of?
Only a natural product has been used to make these beautiful suede gloves and suede mittens, namely sheepskin. This is turned inside out, so that you feel the soft wool on the inside. The soft suede makes the outside wonderfully supple. The wool on the inside is not only soft and comfortable. Its unique properties make it excellent at retaining heat and wicking away perspiration. Because we are dealing with a natural product, it is advisable to let wet gloves and mittens air dry. Preferably not in the sun or on a radiator because the product can harden due to dehydration.


Before use: we advise you to treat the suede sheepskin gloves and suede sheepskin mittens before use (and then regularly) with a good impregnating agent, for example the Collonil universal protector. This protects the product against water and dirt.

What size should I take?
The sheepskin gloves and mittens provide a lot of warmth and comfort. Your hands are enveloped in a wonderfully soft sheepskin that is moisture-regulating, breathable and supple. For the insulating effect of sheepskin gloves and mittens, it is essential that you have the right size; for example, the glove or mitten should not be too tight. The air and the wool together provide the insulating effect. If the glove or mitten is too tight, you will still get cold hands because the insulating effect is not optimal. In addition, pressure is placed on the seams, which can result in premature wear.

Measure your glove size as follows:

(always measure the hand you write with)

View our luxury sheepskin gloves.

You can measure your mitten size as follows:

View our luxurious sheepskin mittens.
On our website you will find a size chart in which we indicate as accurately as possible which size fits you. If you still have any questions, please contact our customer service.

With Texelana gloves you can brave the stormy weather in the Netherlands and abroad and cold hands will be a thing of the past. In our range you will find mittens and gloves made of sheepskin and wool for the whole family, for big and small hands.

Author: Jasja Verberg