The ultimate tip against cold feet.

Placed on June 26, 2023
Dé ultieme tip tegen koude voeten.

The solution against cold feet? Sheepskin wool slippers!

Cold feet are not only very unpleasant, but often also difficult to get warm again. A tricky and common problem. Slippers that are warm, moisture-regulating and breathable offer the solution. Texelana has over 30 years of experience with sheepskin slippers. We would like to explain to you why these slippers in particular offer a solution.

Why do sheepskin slippers help with cold feet?

Sheepskin slippers have a few special features. Wool insulates excellently and has a moisture-regulating effect. Wool hairs have many small bends (about 20 bends per cm, also called frizz), so that the air is well retained. This air layer is an important factor when it comes to insulation, but it is also essential for the removal of moisture. The absorbed moisture can easily be released (evaporation) because there is a layer of air in the wool. This way your feet stay comfortably warm without feeling clammy. The sheepskin slippers retain the heat well due to the high insulation value. We recommend that you first rub your feet warm or walk a bit if your feet are cold. With better blood circulation, your feet will be less cold. If you step into your slippers with warm feet, the sheepskin slippers will retain this heat optimally.

Good to know!

It is important with a sheepskin slipper that you choose the right size. The effect of a sheepskin slipper comes into its own when the slipper is not too tight. You can imagine, if the fur is pressed in too much because the slipper is too tight, the insulating and moisture-wicking ability is hindered. It is precisely the small layer of air in the frizzy wool that gives these sheepskin slippers the desired effect.

A second point to take into account is the fragility of sheep leather. Compared to cow leather, sheep leather is more fragile. We therefore often use cowhide or rubber for the sole of our slippers to prevent wear. If the slipper is too tight, pressure marks will appear. This makes the leather and seams weak and more likely to wear or tear. It is therefore important that you choose the right size. Slippers in the right size will last longer. Size advice is stated with all our sheepskin slippers.

You can wear the sheepskin slippers with bare feet. After tanning, a little wool fat (lanolin) remains in the wool, which means that the sheepskin also cares for your feet.

Warm slippers for the whole family.

Having warm feet is nice and a pair of nice warm slippers makes a cold winter evening even nicer. In addition to sheepskin slippers, Texelana has an extensive range of wool slippers and felt slippers . From a handy entry-level model to a high boot model and from a sturdy rubber sole, with which you can go outside, to a soft cowhide leather sole.

Wolborg slippers

Wolborg slippers are made of wool that is knitted into tricot. This creates a soft and strong material. One of the best-known woolen slippers that Texelana sells is the Spanish slipper. It has a soft wool lining and a sturdy leather exterior. In addition, Texelana has various models of slippers with a woolen inside and outside.

Felt slippers

The felt slippers that Texelana sells are from the Glerups and Haflinger brands. Felt is made by compressing wool. This creates a firm and soft material with the good properties of wool. The felt slippers that Texelana sells have a good footbed and a rubber or leather sole.

Did you know that we also have a slipper selection guide? Here you can see which model best meets your needs. Is your size no longer available? Please contact us at . We can check for you whether the size is still in stock in one of our stores.

Check out the slipper selection guide here