Clothing for winter sports? Think about wool!

Placed on July 4, 2023
Kleding voor de wintersport? Denk eens aan wol!

Thermal clothing made of wool

Woolpower is a Swedish brand that has been around for 50 years. Their clothing is not only wonderfully comfortable, but is also made with care and attention. Everything is produced in Sweden under good working conditions. Nice detail: each label of the clothing contains the name of the seamstress who made it.

The clothes are made of soft merino wool. Because clothing made exclusively from merino wool would be too fragile, it is mixed with polyamide, a synthetic fiber. This combination makes the clothing soft, warm and durable.

The benefits of woolen clothing during winter sports

Much winter sports clothing is made of cotton. Logical, because cotton is breathable, airy and comfortable to wear. Yet wool has a number of important advantages over cotton. Wool is known for its good temperature-regulating properties. You will always be comfortably warm, whether it is freezing or you are descending the slopes in the sun. Moreover, wool absorbs moisture without feeling clammy. It can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet.

In addition to good insulation and moisture absorption, wool has another advantage: it is dirt-repellent. The lanolin, the natural wool grease, repels dirt and moisture, meaning your woolen clothes need to be washed in the washing machine less often. This is only useful on your winter sports holiday.

Woolen clothing for men and women

Texelana sells woolen underwear from Woolpower for men and women . Many of the garments are available in different thicknesses: from the thin LITE versions that you wear directly on the skin, ideal for enthusiastic sports or in warmer weather, to the 600 or 800 versions that are extra warm and thick.

To stay nice and warm, it is especially important to work in layers. One thick sweater provides less warmth than several thin, well-fitting layers of clothing. They know this at Woolpower too and their range is completely adapted to it.

First of all, they have thermal underwear and socks. The socks are available in all thicknesses, from the thin Lite to the wonderfully warm 800. For underwear you can choose from boxers or long underpants, of course in women's and men's models.

As the next layer we have the Woolpower shirts with short and long sleeves. With the long sleeves you can also choose between a crewneck or a turtleneck, to keep your neck nice and warm. These shirts range from Lite to 400. For an extra layer, combine the shirts with the Woolpower jackets 400 or 600. Because all clothing is available in different warmth versions, you can combine it exactly as you want. If you are a cold person, choose the warmest variants, but if you get too hot quickly, you may find the Lite versions more pleasant.

To complete your winter sports outfit, we also recommend Woolpower accessories. With the stylish gloves, hat, balaclava or loose turtleneck you will stay nice and warm.