Texel” and the Latin name for wool, “Lana", forms the base forTexelana; a Texel company with a preference for quality wool products. Texelana has long been known for its sheepskin slippers and slippers. Sheepskin slippers keep your feet dry and warm. Because wool warms so well in the cold and ventilates in the heat, our fur slippers and slippers are a popular product all year round. In addition to the sheepskin slippers, Texelana has even more comfortable wool products in its range; wool-filled duvets, sheepskins, suede gloves and mittens, but also its own care line with lanolin. Would you like to get to know our producers? Take a look around our webshop or visit one of our three stores on Texel. Hope to see you again!

Texelana is a typical Texel company. Sober, honest and always evolving.
Although the name suggests that everything comes from Texel, we like to explain to our customers that we do not have our own production capacity on our beautiful island. Our products are manufactured with care and attention elsewhere in the Netherlands and within Europe.
We are located on Texel; we have three beautiful stores and a web shop, so that we can be reached by everyone. At Texelana we attach great value to our customers, we find personal contact and service very important.

Product information

The sheepskin products in our range offer great comfort and are of high quality. These products are manufactured in small-scale sewing workshops in Europe. The duvets, pillow and blankets are filled with pure virgin wool. Wool is ideal for sleeping on and under because of the positive properties of wool. In addition to our woolen products, we also have our own care line with lanolin. Lanolin is wool fat that is naturally present in sheep's wool. This lanolin is processed in our care products; in this way no valuable product is lost after washing the wool.