Aaron Woolen Mills

Are you looking for a beautiful woolen garment but do you want a little more luxury? Then Aran Woolen Mills is an excellent choice. Women and men who are looking for stylish designs combined with superior quality buy their ideal woolen garment from this brand. Our collection consists of different models. For example, choose a traditional V-neck sweater for men or a long cardigan for women. All products are made from soft merino wool and the beautiful Irish patterns each tell their own story. This creates a unique garment that you can enjoy for years to come. Treat yourself to a luxurious garment from Aran Woolen Mills and experience it for yourself!

Aran Woolen Mills clothing & accessories

The family business was founded in 1965 and is today one of the largest knitwear manufacturers in Ireland. They offer the very best in traditional and contemporary knitwear and associated products. The location of the company, on the Atlantic coast, inspires the designers for the designs. Together with years of experience and the use of the best merino wool, this gives the products a touch of luxury. Aran Woolen Mills gives the unique knitting tradition a modern twist.


It goes without saying that all products from Aran Woolen Mills are made from wool of the best quality, namely 100% merino wool. Merino wool is known for its wonderfully soft and warm feel. In addition, it breathes naturally and wool is antibacterial and odor resistant. The clothes therefore do not need to be washed often. To freshen it up, you can occasionally hang the garment outside to air.

Why choose Aran Woolen Mills?

Since its inception, this brand has been very popular for several reasons. The wide collection of knitwear and accessories has a number of advantages:

  • Warm & comfortable. A garment made of 100% merino wool keeps you warm, dry and fresh.
  • Quality. High-quality materials ensure long wearing pleasure.
  • Washable. Although wool is naturally antibacterial, odor resistant and self-cleaning, you can wash the clothes in the washing machine. This can be done on a wool wash program (30° degrees), with wool detergent.
  • Traditional design. Irish knitwear with beautiful, classic Irish cable and aran patterns.
  • Extensive collection. In our range you will find accessories and clothing for both men and women.

Superior quality woolen clothing

Do you want something different than a standard wool sweater or cardigan and do you like luxury? Then treat yourself to a beautiful piece of clothing from the Aran Woolen Mills collection. For example, the cable patterns of the Aran Woolen Mills sweater for men or the Aran Woolen Mills cardigan for women have a meaning that refers to fishing. These used to be a symbol of safety or a good catch. You will also find accessories from this brand in our collection that complete your look. So take a look at the Aran Woolen Mills turtleneck or discover the entire collection .